My obsession with One Direction. And why I like each member.

On July 23, 2010 at 8:22pm, One Direction came together as a band and made history. Five years, five albums, they went from being five to four. And they left behind a legacy. They completely changed what we thought of the typical boybands – of wearing matching clothes on stage, the common dance patterns and everything. It made it’s own slogan, ‘One Band, One Dream, One Direction’ .

With five members originally – Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik, One Direction sold over 50 million records and sold out big arenas like the Madison Square Garden and others. I’ve been a huge fan since I was 13, so here’s why I like each member of the band. (The numbering doesn’t represent my most or least favorite)

1) Niall Horan

Niall James Horan (25). You can call him my bias (my favorite member of all). With an amazing Irish charm and humbleness, Niall’s solo music does wonders and is how Liam Payne described “Hard to hate”. His debut album ‘ Flicker ‘ was about heartbreak, and Horan was successful at making the fans cry and feel hopeful about it at the same time.

Why I like him : Niall is just, amazing. He has this charm, you can’t hate him. He is witty, knows his music (and is versatile at it). He is also a model, influencer, businessman and what not. He’s basically all in one. And no tinge of arrogance.

2) Harry Styles.

Harry Edward Styles (25). The youngest member of the band (and also the tallest), Harry is basically everyone’s favorite. He has his own rules, he fears no one when it comes to showcasing his love for fashion (for an example his MET Gala 2019 look) His solo album went full on classical rock.

Why I love him : The one thing I love the most about him is his love for fashion. His fashion sense defines no gender boundaries, asks the toxic masculinity to stay aside. And the best thing about him – his dimples when he smiles.

3) Liam Payne

Liam James Payne (25). The nicest and kindest person alive. Literally. His debut EP ‘First Time ‘ , gave an edgier sound, more like the blues mixed with pop vibes. Father to one, he just like his mate Niall, chooses to keep his life private.

Why I love him : Just everything about him is so nice. His innocence, the way he treats fans, his kindness, the way he understands women like no one else. Words are less to describe him.

4) Louis Tomlinson

Louis William Tomlinson (27). If you love and follow Louis, get ready to hear him say “Thank you so much for everything ” like a million times a day. Basically, Louis respects and loves his fans more than anything. His debut song ‘Just Hold On ‘ with Steve Aoki and his recent single ‘ Two Of Us’ was about his mother who passed away and whom he was really close to. Even after he lost his sister and mother, Louis still encourages his fans to never give up hope on life and gives several others the hope to live, no matter what happens. Kindness runs in his genes.

Why I like him : He has an angelic voice like no one. A very talented songwriter, his lyrics do magic. He basically has the best fanbase, and to be honest there’s nothing bad about him. He’s the best person you can ever know.

5) Zayn Malik

Zain Javadd Malik (26). Also known as Zayn, after being in the band for four years, he decided to follow his own direction and decided to leave the band. His debut album ‘ Mind Of Mine ‘ (yeah now you know where my blog name came from) was dark, soulful, with the blues vibe, and lyrics about sex, nothing like One Direction. Which pretty much explained his exit. But at the same time, his attitude with fans never changed, he still respects and loves them, even though most artists who go that way of the music industry don’t.

Why I love him : Zayn’s music is wonderful. He’s basically proved to have a very distinct taste in music, with more Indian vibes in his songs. He keeps you waiting for his music but when it’s out, it’s totally worth the wait.

As a band vs their solo careers.

One Direction literally ruled the music industry as a band for five years. With millions going crazy for them, they had what people thought was the perfect career and life.

It was only after Zayn left the band, and the lads decided to go on a temporary ‘ hiatus ‘ (literally meaning a break), the fans realized how controlled they were in the band. Not being allowed to have their own originality in music, giving them less time to give out an album. No wonder why the boys who gave an album almost each year are taking 2 years to give out even one. It’s about the originality and feelings they wanted to share with their music, something they couldn’t do in One Direction.

However, the worst part was when some fans got divided in groups. They started supporting their own favourites from the band, dissing the band and other bandmates in return. It has become like a competition for many – who’s solo career is doing the best?

I personally feel that this hiatus shouldn’t be about fighting each other when we are from the same fandom, like a family. We are not here to bring anyone down.

At the same time, we prove to still be the best fandom in the world. I mean, which boyband wins the award of ‘Best BoyBand ‘ and ‘ Best Fans ‘ every year even after 4 years of hiatus? Only we Directioners can do that.


The blog is my personal opinion as a fan of 1D since 7 years. No intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.


Another side of Mother’s Day.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, my Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram feed was filled with pictures of my friend’s moms, celebs sharing their memories. Basically everyone. I woke up in the morning and wished my mom a ” Happy Mother’s Day!” and she was visibly very happy. After a lot of thinking, we decided to go out for lunch and movies, giving my mom a day off.

Fast forward, we saw Detective Pikachu, had an amazing lunch and she treated herself with a spa. It was perfect. By now, almost everyone was sharing pictures with their mothers, everyone had changed their profile pictures and I hadn’t done it yet. Honestly by now, i felt really pressured to make at least one post about mothers day, and I realized we hadn’t clicked a picture with my mom today. I mean, we were so busy with all the schedule and we enjoyed a lot but forgot to take a selfie. My mom and I spend a lot of time together, but we can never take pictures – we just don’t remember to take one. And honestly, all these post on Instagram were stressing me out by now.

So I quickly scrolled through my pictures, found a picture with my mom, and posted it. Yipee! My part done! Got a hundred likes on that post as I continued to scroll down through my feed. It was really heartening to see mothers so happy. All my friends treating them and gifting them. It was amazing.

With that Mother’s Day came to an end. I woke up this morning and like every other person saw my phone first. I was puzzled for sometime. No more selfies with moms in the profile picture, mirror selfies instead. My feed was filled with memes and beach pics of my friends again. XYZ was cribbing about the new drama again, ABC ,like always ,was busy posting pics of her in a bikini.

I sighed, kept my phone back on the table. As I walked into the kitchen, there was my mom cooking breakfast for me. She complained about how the house was a mess, thanks to me. She ordered me to help her with the cleaning today. I said okay ,went back to my phone, my best friend had texted me that she just had a fight with her mom because she hated studying, the usual story. The phone’s storage was full so I had to delete all the mother’s day messages.

This was the point honestly, where it felt like Mother’s Day actually never even existed. Really.

Short stories!

Hey there! This was just to inform you guys that I will be updating original short stories soon ! I have always been interested in writing stories, and I write a few on Wattpad, but never tried my hands of short stories.

So this will be a new initiative. The first story coming out soon! Do give your honest reviews!

Not really a blog but…eh I guess yeah, a blog about awareness. Really.

Stop scrolling. Believe me. And read this. It’s an important message I’m talking about here. Nothing bullshit.

Okay, if you, the one reading this, have a little baby at home, I’m sure you’d want him/her to have a happy, healthy and amazing life ahead. Which is normal, everyone does. And not just for babies, let’s say you’re loved ones – your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends. And most importantly, yourself. Because if you are not happy and healthy you can’t expect people around you to be.

But imagine 12 years from now. You wake up one fine day, the sun’s not shining it’s dull and cloudy outside. Yawning, you pick up the newspaper kept on the sofa and read the headlines :

Humans on the verge of extinction : The species may come to end in the next 100 years.

What? You think. Humans? 7 billion humans to come to an extinct? What did some monster show up last night to kill humans?

Back to present, here I’m going to scare you a bit. This might be a real life situation 12 years later.

And will some monster show up? Or am I predicting Thanos will land on our little planet and snap it’s fingers to wipe out half the population? The answer is no, but yes.

The monster I’m talking about won’t show up the night before, but it already exists. Right now. Has been existing since years.

It’s global warming, in case you are still wondering. And we created that monster. We are the real Thanos.

Thanos can be defeated, but can we defeat global warming? According to a report, the CO2 levels have increased so much that planting trees alone will not help us anymore.

The problem of global warming is increasing, and as the ones who gave rise to it, we aren’t doing anything to stop it.

Now you must have read too many blogs about global warming, so this is nothing new. But still even though we know everything, we aren’t doing anything about it right? It’s like we know there’s a cliff ahead and if we don’t stop walking, we’ll fall down the cliff and die. But we aren’t stopping, right? They’re turning open lands to concrete lands, making homes on these lands because the population is rising. But then why do we still have the homeless among us.

Take this blog as a little reminder that we need to act now to save our species and others too.

It’s touch to be the only one caring about the planet, but we need to start somewhere. Do something good for the nature and encourage others to do so, ask them to encourage others in return!

We have only 12 years, remember. So act wisely and act NOW!

#WeLoveTheEarth ❤

Why I think that the world we live in could actually be a simulation. (more like why I want it to be one).

Imagine this. You wake up one morning, just to find a weird guy with green antennas and space costume, or let’s say a body made up of metal, staring at you and when you ask the reason for his presence, he replies with a “Oh, I was the one controlling your life all the time. Even if it was the time you accidentally dropped your phone in water or the time when you sprained your ankle, yep, I did that.”

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

To make you feel better, a situation like this is not very likely to happen. Such a person can only be an alien, and such creatures cannot exist in earthly environment. So yeah, next time if you find something weird happening in your house, or you feel a stranger’s presence, you should totally dial 911.

Our universe is humongous. As big as infinity. It has many little galaxies, our galaxy being the Solar System. The scientists haven’t reached to a conclusion if there is any earth like planet in the other galaxies.

Nevertheless, some scientists do think that somewhere in the universe there might be another planet or another set if living creatures, way more advanced than humans. And maybe the “gods” we talk about are just them controlling our lives, i.e. our life being a simulation. They have a theory that the world we live in, this life is not the reality, but just a simulation run by someone else. Let’s say like Sims (the game)

In scientific terms we call it simulation hypothesis. I’m not going to go into the scientific details since I know that will be the point you stop reading this blog. But I would explain why I think that this theory could be absolutely true.

With the recent discovery of black hole and how surprisingly accurate it was to the image visualized by some of our greatest scientists like Albert Einstein, it is possible that years later from now there could be some proof that could prove our existence a mere simulation. Not that it WILL surely happen, but no one was sure about the black hole discovered recently either. So we can definitely not rule out the possibility that this cannot be true.

At the same time, scientists are debating the fact that even if we get a proof, we can’t be sure enough to consider it as a sole proof since it could also be a part of the simulation.

But for the sake of science let’s see it this way – we do not know what’s going on in the other galaxy. If there are any living creatures there or if they are more or less advanced than us, we don’t know. But with so many discoveries happening, there could be an ‘alien’ controlling our actions. Maybe it’s like a choice game for them, and the choices they make is what we call our intuition or conscience.

Well, to conclude, we cannot rule out the possibility of the world being controlled by other superior beings. But at the same time, I feel that if that if it is really true, then instead of praying to god about getting a good job or straight A’s in an exam, we should really start praying them to assign us good ‘players’ to control our lives, like the ones who probably controlled Einstein or who control Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, because I don’t know about you but whoever’s controlling me probably has some serious issues with decision making.

Birthday special!

Who doesn’t like to celebrate their birthday? Everyone does! Your birthday is like your new year, the day you grow older by one year. But with the coming year, we shouldn’t forget the things that happened the year before.

As I turn 17 today, let me review my year 16, and how it was special for me.

Sooo first thing is that I started learning how to code. That has been a huge achievement for me. Not that I’m some master at it now (because everything takes time to learn),I’m still learning it. It’s good to learn something new and I have always liked it. Also I reached the next level in learning Spanish, and I plan to learn more languages in the coming year.

Year 16 taught me too many things. I made new friends, I’m still talking to the old ones and will keep talking. I started loving myself even though I still have a little bit of insecurity, I think it was a good start to have started loving myself.

This year I went on my first international trip to Dubai (Yipppeeeee!!) It was the most amazing experience, and I can never forget it. Many more such trips to go!! (yep that’s me in the pic)

I also have some regrets from last year. Like skipping the international exchange we had in our school. It could have been an amazing experience for me, but I skipped it for some reasons. We had the Model United Nations last year, and I also skipped for some reasons. Nevertheless, I’ll ensure to take up all the opportunities this year so I don’t regret anything further.

Now about the things I’ll do this year – I think I’ll learn a bit of driving. Not drive to places but just learn in the some empty ground so that I get a hang of it.

I’ll try my best to get a good rank in the entrance exam I have this year. It’ll decide my career so I won’t risk it.

Try to be more open with people and cut down on my shyness. Infact, to whoever reading this, if you are shy like me, think ten times before even asking for an address, then I guess it’s time to get out of it. Because at the end of the day, you can’t live in a world like this without talking.

At last! I hope this seventeenth year is even more thrilling than my sixteenth. I hope it brings new opportunities, new friends, and a new hope.

Loads of love! Xoxo.


People ask me why I fangirl.

I’ll tell you why. It’s pretty simple, you see. No rocket science, just feelings here.

As a teenager, I’m expected to be either studying or partying out late at nights like some of my friends I know. I do both, sometimes, but there’s one more thing very common in a teenagers life. Becoming a fan of something.

It could literally be anything. Favorite football team, favorite boyband/girlband, favorite actor/actress or even a video game. (The Walking Dead game for egs) Usually, people older than us don’t really understand our ‘craziness'(that’s what they call it).

Sometimes we hear stories of how girls slit their wrists for their favorites, which is to be honest not as common as it seems. Today, I’ll tell you how many lives it has saved.


I knew a girl from middle school, she was the kind no one would want to talk to. I never tried to talk to her either. Because everytime you tried that, she’d do something really weird, or maybe just talk nonsense. A few months later, someone told us that she was bullied by her classmates a lot, which was probably why she behaved the way she did. Isolating herself from everyone.

On Christmas that year, her family gifted her a phone. Big thing for a middle schooler. The moment we’d leave from school, you could see her plugging in her earphones while she walked away home. No one cared because it was like that always.

Then one day, we saw her talking to four other girls. Soon, she was seen with many other girls and boys of the school.

Turns out she had taken a liking for a famous boyband, and one day a few girls caught her listening to their music and they started talking. She still doesn’t have too many friends, but she does have 4-5 friends she can rely on.


My friend told me about a guy who lived in his neighborhood. He was a chainsmoker and alcoholic. His father would usually be seen shouting his lungs out at him about how he should really think about his life ahead and do something productive. But obviously it was of no avail.

Then one day his uncle moved in with them. Since my friend lived right next to their house, day and night he could hear the football commentator on the TV. It became pretty obvious his uncle was a huge fan of the game.

A week or so later he saw that boy on the common ground of near their colony, in an FCB jersey, with his uncle, a football on the ground. My friend didn’t really stop there to see what they did next (play football obviously) but more like he couldn’t give any more details. He couldn’t be seen the next day.

A few days later, while my friend was at another common ground, a kilometer away from where he lived, he saw him again, but this time with other 10 boys of his age, all playing football. Out of all of them, he was easily recognizable with his FCB jersey. That’s when he realized that he hadn’t seen the guy smoking and drinking around often lately. Days later, his father proudly told my friend’s father that his son had quit smoking and drinking, his new obsession lies in collecting FC Barcelona Merchandise, collecting football game cards and supporting the team in any way possible. That’s what also inspired him to learn to play football.


There are many such stories of people who have found a reason to live because of their favorites. A teenager of 15 years stopped herself from slitting her wrists and ending her life because the moment she was about to do it, the next song playing on the radio was coincidentally sung by her favorite singer.

This might seem pretty cheesy and childish to some people, but as a teenager, you can never really understand what’s going on in our minds. At such a point in life where studies, hormonal imbalances and social issues are already putting so many of us to depression, sometimes something as simple as fangirling/fanboying can save lives.