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As I write the story of my day-to-day life in a diary, I wonder – what would be the title of this book if I publish it?

I want to choose a better title for myself, I think. If not publish it, I’ll always keep it to myself, but at least I need to know how I could describe my life in one word, or maybe a few.

Do you ever wonder what could be the title of your life story? I go through all the titles in my head, as cheesy they might sound. From something as plain as “The Autobiography of A Teenage Girl” to something as kiddish as ” The Adventures of life of a Teenager! ” to something inspirational like ” Life Of Wonders” (I actually considered that one for some time.)

Anyways, I’m never going to publish this thing. It’s just, I wanted a title for myself. My satisfaction. I wonder if it has crossed your mind, what could be the title of your story? Would it be related to your name? Or liking? Or maybe an honest one word about yourself as they ask in interviews?

I’d love to know this one day. And the day I find a title for myself, I’ll tell you all. Won’t let it stay untitled.

How to know if it’s love or infatuation – there’s a thin line.

We all had high school crushes, didn’t we? That one guy/girl who’d make our hearts flutter, you’d pray to sit next to him every class, walk past their class casually just to get a glimpse. I mean, who hasn’t done that.

Years pass by, crushes come and go, we get the same feeling everytime, sometimes we get a “this is the one” feel. But in a lot of cases, we sometimes ‘ fall out of love ‘. The feeling comes out of nowhere, and you’re stuck because you need to find a way to either spark up your love or get out of that relationship.

Sooner or later you realize it was an infatuation. But then it creates a confusion, a fear in your mind that if it happens again how do you know if it’s love then? Or is it again the same infatuation.

Here’s a list of things which may help you understand if you are in love or not.

1) You could literally leave your job or studies (basically normal life) for them.

Now, this might sound really cute and romantic, but trust me, real life love doesn’t work like that. In some cases, sometimes, it is understandable. But most of the times if you feel you can completely change your lifestyle for that person, it might be just infatuation. This is because falling in love is more about comfort, and truly if you love someone, you might feel like doing whatever you can for them, but there is always a sense of being independent and having a life besides your romantic life. So there is a high chance you might regret tge decision of changing everything in the future.

2) Love at first sight is a very rare case.

Here’s a fact : Falling in love is a slow process. It takes time. Because love is about being comfortable with your partner, once you’ve known them in and out. True love is accepting your partner with all their flaws and achievements. And certainly this is not possible when you ‘ fall in love at the first sight ‘.

3) You only think about them when aroused.

Now this point is pretty obvious. If you only think about your partner when sexually aroused or only think about how you could spend your night with them, then it might be a clear sign you are not in love. The true meaning of love is not only being physical, but also feeling connected to someone mentally and emotionally. You want them to be a part of the smallest things in your life and look for ways to spend even the shortest span of time with them.

4) You feel attracted to others while in a relationship.

When you’re in love, there is no place for confusion. At such times when you are already committed but also feel attracted towards others, it might be a signal that you don’t accept your partner completely. You might not call it an infatuation, but it is a sign you’re not happy with your relationship and that it might fall apart.

5) You make the whole thing about yourself.

This is usually when the only person you about in a relationship is yourself. You care about how YOU feel, what YOU want from a relationship and basically pleasing yourself. This can also be called dominance, but it surely isn’t love.

Falling in love is hard, and falling in love with the ‘ right ‘ person even harder. Though things get messy when we mistake it for infatuation, a feeling everyone gets once in a while. It plays with your as well as your partner’s emotions. So maybe a good read and understanding on it’s difference can help!

Pass on the mic, please. Don’t let anxiety speak.

Everyday I wake up in the morning, follow the ‘ rules ‘ of self-love as they say. When I’m all alone, I feel like I really do love myself. We all do in most cases.

Then you walk out of your bubble. You’re walking on the road, you see a familiar face. You give a small smile, receive nothing in return. A shiver of awkwardness runs through you of going unnoticed. “Oh god, I’m never doing this again ” you think.

What exactly causes this sense of having no confidence in ourselves? It could be anything, but mostly the people around you. What they say, who they are, makes you think what they think about you.

Growing up, I’ve been dealing with low self esteem a lot. The family has always been good, but somehow the people around you make you believe that your family is gonna love you no matter what. Things get nasty when, let’s say, your friends or classmates or colleagues pass comments.

It all starts with the people around you judging you for who you are. And honestly, it’s something you can’t escape, everyone faces it. To some, it doesn’t affect them but for some like me, it let’s your confidence level go down.

In short words, don’t let that happen.

I know it’s easy to say but difficult to follow. Trust me, taking small steps to this helps the most. This could include talking to someone you trust or to someone who’s just like you. One of the things that helped me is changing passwords to something positive. Let’s say ‘ youareloved ‘ . It gives you a daily reminder to stay positive.

There are other ways you can help yourself, one of the ways being find a way to stay happy on your own instead to reading what others do to make themselves happy. Remember, no one is completely happy, Instagram lives are not real, no one looks that flawless in real life. But finding a way to stay happy and confident yourself, will only give you a look at so many things that you want to do, help you explore your passions and likings.

I haven’t reached a complete level of self-confidence myself, but this trick has been working out well for me and I’ve changed a lot in two years. From the time my hands trembled just to walk past someone who I know hates me to now where I don’t care what my haters think of me, I think it has helped me a lot.

Last advice, dodge the hate coming to you. The people who hate on you are frustrated themselves. Or else you tell me who really has the time to follow up on people they hate in a busy world?

So speak up when you want. Don’t be scared. Find your own ways to be happy. Just as the title says, pass on the mic to yourselves, don’t let anxiety take that opportunity.

#1 – It’s hard to be brave sometimes. (Short Story.)

Narrator’s Point Of View.

They scream and shout at the top of their voices with joy. I laugh. This is the least I could do for them on a Halloween.

Actually, it was my wife Gemma who gave me an idea to set up a horror game for the children, which would be horrifying enough for 3rd graders. That means ugly looking pictures, lights switching off and on anytime, some scary noises. Nothing much. When I set up the whole thing with my colleague Jordan, I could hardly believe this whole thing could scare a rat. “Are you sure this will work? It’s probably the lamest haunted house I’ve seen yet. ”

“It will work for eight year olds, mate. I’ve been doing this for years and it works every time. “, he said. And it really worked to my satisfaction. The kids were all happy.

After the whole thing we had snacks for all of them. Burger, fries, pizzas, pasta, everything children like. That was one part where my wife wasn’t really happy, but I suggested that the children could totally cheat on their health chart for a day. And she had to reluctantly agree.

“I think the part where those things fell on us and it was dark was the most scary part!! “,a boy exclaimed. Another boy, his friend said, “I think those things were ugly insects just like the ones secretly kept in those labs in our school! Mrs. Williams never lets us go in. ”

Little did they know, they were just leaves. But it was too dark for them to see anyway. I smiled at them.

“You didn’t look scared. ” I turned around to see a little girl behind me.

“Well, you see. Not gonna lie I’ve been through so many haunted houses, that I’m pretty used to it. ” She seemed to look pretty satisfied with my answer, which I did not expect. “I was watching you, back in the game. You didn’t look scared either. ” For the record, she was the only girl not screaming like the others once the whole thing finished.

“Those things don’t scare me. I don’t know why everyone had to shout so loud. My ear still hurts. ” I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I offer to sit down with her as she continues to mhch on her fries.

“I see, you are a brave little girl. What’s your name? ”

“Lysa”,she doesn’t look up at me, instead continues to eat. For some time, I don’t say anything, but then she says, “It’s really hard to be brave sometimes though. ”

At first I was a bit confused hearing this from a little girl. “Why is it so? “,I ask.

“I don’t know, my mom told this to me once. ” She takes the first bite out of her burger. “Everytime I would be scared of sleeping alone, my mom would tell me ‘ Be brave, Lysa ‘. She told me that even when I would be afraid of monsters. She told me it was important to be brave in life. ”

“Then, why did she tell you it’s hard to be brave? “,I ask her.

“One day when I came back from school, I saw her crying on the kitchen floor. I didn’t like it. I never like when anyone cries. I told her to be brave. But she only said this. ”

I looked away. After this, we didn’t talk for some time. She finished her burger, their teacher called them back inside the classes. She got up to leave.

Before leaving, she turned around once only to say, “Those things with ugly faces didn’t scare me, because my mom looked exactly like that the day she was crying. She too had a red mark on her face. It didn’t scare me because the next day when mom didn’t come back home, daddy wasn’t scared either. ” And she ran back to the class.

It took me some time and Jordan to come back and tell me it was almost time to go home. I didn’t even realize how long I was sitting there. The children were all gone home. Now it was time for me to go home. I couldn’t comprehend what happened throughout the day. I was scared of all the things that were happening around us. We don’t even know about so many things.

I realized why monsters scare children. Monsters scare everyone. Even us. We just have different definitions of a ‘monster ‘ . I realized, it’s really hard to be brave. Sometimes.


Purely original content. All Rights Reserved.

Hope you liked it.


My obsession with One Direction. And why I like each member.

On July 23, 2010 at 8:22pm, One Direction came together as a band and made history. Five years, five albums, they went from being five to four. And they left behind a legacy. They completely changed what we thought of the typical boybands – of wearing matching clothes on stage, the common dance patterns and everything. It made it’s own slogan, ‘One Band, One Dream, One Direction’ .

With five members originally – Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik, One Direction sold over 50 million records and sold out big arenas like the Madison Square Garden and others. I’ve been a huge fan since I was 13, so here’s why I like each member of the band. (The numbering doesn’t represent my most or least favorite)

1) Niall Horan

Niall James Horan (25). You can call him my bias (my favorite member of all). With an amazing Irish charm and humbleness, Niall’s solo music does wonders and is how Liam Payne described “Hard to hate”. His debut album ‘ Flicker ‘ was about heartbreak, and Horan was successful at making the fans cry and feel hopeful about it at the same time.

Why I like him : Niall is just, amazing. He has this charm, you can’t hate him. He is witty, knows his music (and is versatile at it). He is also a model, influencer, businessman and what not. He’s basically all in one. And no tinge of arrogance.

2) Harry Styles.

Harry Edward Styles (25). The youngest member of the band (and also the tallest), Harry is basically everyone’s favorite. He has his own rules, he fears no one when it comes to showcasing his love for fashion (for an example his MET Gala 2019 look) His solo album went full on classical rock.

Why I love him : The one thing I love the most about him is his love for fashion. His fashion sense defines no gender boundaries, asks the toxic masculinity to stay aside. And the best thing about him – his dimples when he smiles.

3) Liam Payne

Liam James Payne (25). The nicest and kindest person alive. Literally. His debut EP ‘First Time ‘ , gave an edgier sound, more like the blues mixed with pop vibes. Father to one, he just like his mate Niall, chooses to keep his life private.

Why I love him : Just everything about him is so nice. His innocence, the way he treats fans, his kindness, the way he understands women like no one else. Words are less to describe him.

4) Louis Tomlinson

Louis William Tomlinson (27). If you love and follow Louis, get ready to hear him say “Thank you so much for everything ” like a million times a day. Basically, Louis respects and loves his fans more than anything. His debut song ‘Just Hold On ‘ with Steve Aoki and his recent single ‘ Two Of Us’ was about his mother who passed away and whom he was really close to. Even after he lost his sister and mother, Louis still encourages his fans to never give up hope on life and gives several others the hope to live, no matter what happens. Kindness runs in his genes.

Why I like him : He has an angelic voice like no one. A very talented songwriter, his lyrics do magic. He basically has the best fanbase, and to be honest there’s nothing bad about him. He’s the best person you can ever know.

5) Zayn Malik

Zain Javadd Malik (26). Also known as Zayn, after being in the band for four years, he decided to follow his own direction and decided to leave the band. His debut album ‘ Mind Of Mine ‘ (yeah now you know where my blog name came from) was dark, soulful, with the blues vibe, and lyrics about sex, nothing like One Direction. Which pretty much explained his exit. But at the same time, his attitude with fans never changed, he still respects and loves them, even though most artists who go that way of the music industry don’t.

Why I love him : Zayn’s music is wonderful. He’s basically proved to have a very distinct taste in music, with more Indian vibes in his songs. He keeps you waiting for his music but when it’s out, it’s totally worth the wait.

As a band vs their solo careers.

One Direction literally ruled the music industry as a band for five years. With millions going crazy for them, they had what people thought was the perfect career and life.

It was only after Zayn left the band, and the lads decided to go on a temporary ‘ hiatus ‘ (literally meaning a break), the fans realized how controlled they were in the band. Not being allowed to have their own originality in music, giving them less time to give out an album. No wonder why the boys who gave an album almost each year are taking 2 years to give out even one. It’s about the originality and feelings they wanted to share with their music, something they couldn’t do in One Direction.

However, the worst part was when some fans got divided in groups. They started supporting their own favourites from the band, dissing the band and other bandmates in return. It has become like a competition for many – who’s solo career is doing the best?

I personally feel that this hiatus shouldn’t be about fighting each other when we are from the same fandom, like a family. We are not here to bring anyone down.

At the same time, we prove to still be the best fandom in the world. I mean, which boyband wins the award of ‘Best BoyBand ‘ and ‘ Best Fans ‘ every year even after 4 years of hiatus? Only we Directioners can do that.


The blog is my personal opinion as a fan of 1D since 7 years. No intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Another side of Mother’s Day.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, my Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram feed was filled with pictures of my friend’s moms, celebs sharing their memories. Basically everyone. I woke up in the morning and wished my mom a ” Happy Mother’s Day!” and she was visibly very happy. After a lot of thinking, we decided to go out for lunch and movies, giving my mom a day off.

Fast forward, we saw Detective Pikachu, had an amazing lunch and she treated herself with a spa. It was perfect. By now, almost everyone was sharing pictures with their mothers, everyone had changed their profile pictures and I hadn’t done it yet. Honestly by now, i felt really pressured to make at least one post about mothers day, and I realized we hadn’t clicked a picture with my mom today. I mean, we were so busy with all the schedule and we enjoyed a lot but forgot to take a selfie. My mom and I spend a lot of time together, but we can never take pictures – we just don’t remember to take one. And honestly, all these post on Instagram were stressing me out by now.

So I quickly scrolled through my pictures, found a picture with my mom, and posted it. Yipee! My part done! Got a hundred likes on that post as I continued to scroll down through my feed. It was really heartening to see mothers so happy. All my friends treating them and gifting them. It was amazing.

With that Mother’s Day came to an end. I woke up this morning and like every other person saw my phone first. I was puzzled for sometime. No more selfies with moms in the profile picture, mirror selfies instead. My feed was filled with memes and beach pics of my friends again. XYZ was cribbing about the new drama again, ABC ,like always ,was busy posting pics of her in a bikini.

I sighed, kept my phone back on the table. As I walked into the kitchen, there was my mom cooking breakfast for me. She complained about how the house was a mess, thanks to me. She ordered me to help her with the cleaning today. I said okay ,went back to my phone, my best friend had texted me that she just had a fight with her mom because she hated studying, the usual story. The phone’s storage was full so I had to delete all the mother’s day messages.

This was the point honestly, where it felt like Mother’s Day actually never even existed. Really.